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I’ve spent so much time and money all this training and things are going great.  Best investment I’ve ever made regarding owning a dog.  All the training up to this point had been on leash only.  She knew her sit, down, stay and come commands solid at this point. I was, however, insanely curious to see how she would react to a little freedom.

It was a spring morning and I had been staying at my favorite hotel in Rochester, NY.  It’s 5:15am and Leia and I are ready for our morning walk.  With coffee in one hand and the leash in the other we step out. The sun is up. The sprawling property of the hotel was in the middle of a fog cloud that weaved in and out of high rough that surrounded the yard.

Leia was particularly interested in all the birds that were moving about the property.  I drop the leash and noticed her pace pick up immediately. A few moments later she’s about 10 paces ahead and stops. Looks back and does and automatic come right to my heel side. I free her up and she wonders off, looking back at me every few seconds.  (Awe she loves me).

As she tests the waters she’s getting bolder and bolder. As the birds avoid her she gains a little speed until she breaks into an all out run crossing the entire property.  She runs circles sticking with the perimeter.  What a beauty!

Her run is more of a hop, like that of a dear, to get through the high grass at times.  I call out the come command…”Leia Come”…before I know it, she’s charging back towards me with all her might.  It was beautiful!  I could see the happiness in her being. She was a wild animal tamed by human after all. Deep down in her DNA there must cravings her wilder ancestors.  Upon her return, I took her leash off put her into a down and we did a few come exercises and then I freed her up again for the rest of our walk watching her get rid of months of pent up energy.

Our walks followed this pattern the rest of our week while staying at that particular property.  I could see the difference in her energy level throughout the day.

Moral of the story…Remember your bulldog may very likely have an inner urge to be free at times.  Go find a park that is fenced in make sure your pup get’s enough time in to dog out.  If you are far enough along in your training, this can be a fantastic bonding experience such as the one I experienced.  There are safe ways of doing this that I’ll get into later.

SPECIAL NOTE:  For English Bulldog owners…Remember that young English Bulldog has loose joints so keep these sessions very short.  Also keep in mind the temperature and respiratory challenges some face.  Don’t do this in the dead heat of the summer. If it’s spring time, do it early in the morning or not at all if it’s too hot out.  Remember Safety First.

My goal: To build a free blog that bulldog readers will look forward to visiting weekly.
My mission:  To share how I’ve been able to foster longevity in my bulldogs while showing exactly how you can do the same.
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  1. Mauro Shao

    I truly enjoy examining on this internet site, it has superb blog posts. “A short saying oft contains much wisdom.” by Sophocles.

  2. Murray's Mouth

    First time stopping by your blog. I don’t own a Bulldog (I have a Golden Retriever and a Goldendoodle) but you have some great advice here. Nice job!

    1. admin

      I just met my first golden doodle and was very impressed. I pretty much love all dogs unless they appear to be fixing to feed on me. Please feel free to stop by and let me know if there are any topics you want to see or if there’s anyway I can help you in your pursuits whatever they may be. Thanks for taking the time to write.

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